Saturday, November 15, 2014

Soybean Milk Recipe (with Video)

I love soybean milk. I used to have every morning, sometimes I like it so much I get for lunch, too. I've read a lot about the benefits of soybean milk, it's rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, and most importantly, it tastes good. Since coming to U.S., I haven't really had any good soybean milk. Sure, you can find Silk at your local supermarket, but it's just not the same, or as good, as the soybean milk breakfast shops in Taiwan would make fresh every morning. Therefore, I thought I'd make my own, and it turns it out to be, it was pretty easy, and I am very pleased with my soybean milk, it's just the way I want to be, and when you make it, your kitchen smells delightfully warm and sweet. The smell of fresh soybean milk.

All you need is dry soybeans and a blender, oh, and a cheese cloth. You can find cheese cloth at your local supermarket, or there is always Amazon.

Here are the instructions, very simple. And I made a video too, so now it's clear, and simple. After watching the video, you can start making your soybean milk too.

1. Soak dry soybeans for 6-8 hours
2. Combine beans and fresh water (not the bean soaking water), ratio is bean: water= 1:2. So one cup beans, with 2 cups water.3. Blend well in blender.4. Run through cheesecloth, give it a good squeeze and get all the raw milk out.5. Boil, when bubbles/foam forms turn down heat so the bubbles "calm down" a bit, then boil again. The second time you boil it, the bubbles should not be as crazy as the first time.6. Add sugar to your preferred sweetness.

And there you go, soybean milk. The first time I made it, my kitchen immediately brought me back to my undergrad years when I'd be lining up at the breakfast shop, waiting for my mantou bread and egg, and in the back of the shop, there'd be a bubbling pot of soymilk. Ahhh, that smell, is the smell of mornings and morning classes!

I've also made a Mandarin Chinese version for the video, check it out if you prefer to learn how to make soybean milk with me explaining in Chinese. Maybe you would notice I sound kind of different in the two videos, it's all very strange, That's probably because I edited the videos on different days so I sounded different?

It's started to snow just two days means the official start of winter pretty much. I don't like the cold, some of it is nice, but the long, dark winters ahead is too much. I'll be drinking plenty of warm soybean milk. Let me know if you make soybean milk, I think you'd agree it's better than what you get in stores!

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