Friday, November 28, 2014

Mel Makes Apple Pie (Video)

Apple pie, what could be more classic American. If I had to pick one baked good to represent America, it would be Apple Pie. Actually, maybe it would be a tie with the chocolate chip cookie. For the coming Thanksgiving, I went in to pie baking mode and had to peel and chop 16 apples. But the pie turned out so nicely so it's all worth it. I made a video about pie making fun and you should watch it (and like my FB page).

The recipe I used was this one here, but I realized the 8 apples the recipe calls for was too much, so I would suggest 7 apples. I used lunch box size apples, so they were pretty small, and I still didn't fit all the apple into my pie. Since the recipe is here in the link, I shall not further explain the recipe in this post. The crust (just the top crust) I used this recipe.

I have many, many apples to peel and chop.

I decided just to buy pie crust and make things easier.

All that peeling.

I hardly ever make pies, actually, this is my first full size pie, and I just want to say, man is pie making time consuming! Apple peeling and chopping takes quite a while, then you have to roll out the top crust, then the lattice work, all very time consuming. I don't think pies are going to be something I make regularly, at least apple pies. Since I made two apple pies I had to prepare 16 apples, it was quite tiring. Pumpkin pies on the other hand, are quite easy, since there is no chopping, peeling, or crust lattice making.

My apple pie's sweet syrup dripped in my oven, and a nice, dark sugary smell filled my kitchen. I thought, oh, this smells kind of nice. Then the sugar burned and started to smoke, it had a sweet, deep smell, but I started to panic. The last time I had smoke from bake goods that triggered the fire alarm and things went chaos. I did not know how to stop it, my roommate's dog went crazy, and I was worried my neighbors were going to call 911 over some burnt cookies.

Filling up the pie, turns out I had too much apple that it didn't fit.

My lattice work :)

But, conclusion is, it's all worth it and my pie was fantastic! Woohoo happy Thanksgiving! The very few times in a year where it's okay to go into food coma.
Yummy pies!

Nom nom nom, I just had to try some.

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