Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cream Puff Video from Last Year Posted Now...Why?

I made a batch of cream puffs, and decided to make a serious video while making them. Meaning I spent time putting on some makeup, taking out my tripod, and deleting files from my phone to make space for the long video files to come. It's been about three months since I uploaded that video to YouTube, but until today did I make it public.

You see, things kind of went crazy after the video. The approaching December marks the end of the semester, but also thousands and thousands of words to be written for final reports. Whatever paper you didn't read in the past, now is the time to read it. It's a lot of reading and writing for maybe about 3 weeks. I already have to do a good amount of it as a grad student, but let's maybe triple that for the month of December. For me, I never understood how I made it through. During the process you wonder how you can write a 6000 word essay in week; you only have a week because there's another one due next week. But somehow, you always make it out alive. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'm starting to see a pattern after three semesters, that I know as horrible as it will be, I will make it through. Training.

So I made these batch of cream puffs for a special event, a global potluck. The thing about baking is that you can't just bake for yourself. You want a cream puff? Well, you've got to have 12 a time so you better have some people to share them with. So whenever there's a potluck or gathering plus food, I get excited, because that means I can bake without feeling guilty. (Guilty: "I just baked two dozen chocolate chip cookies because I felt like having a warm cookie, but now what? I can't eat all these, who do I share them with?")

I do all the filming myself, and it's tricky. Sometimes I have to find innovative ways to set my phone to get the angle I want. Then I do all the editing on my phone, because my laptop doesn't handle film editing very well. Hence the video's mostly have a simple editing style, because there's only that much you can do with a phone editing program. But I am happy with the end product: sound, image and all. I hope you enjoy this video and make cream puffs, because they really look all fancy but aren't that hard to make at all.

Recipe in video...

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