Saturday, January 18, 2014

I am the Midnight Baker

I'm Melissa, I'm the midnight baker. I call myself the midnight baker because in the last semester I would bake cookies and cupcakes in the middle of the night. I'm a full time grad student, first year Masters, also half-time TA, and I've got to say, grad school course work is no joke. That's part of the reason why I bake in the middle of the night; tired of all the readings and essays, sometimes I like to make myself some yummy food. And what what is better for the tired grad student to snack on and enjoy then some nice chocolate chip cookies? Warm and sweet, right from the oven...and with a glass of milk, I can go to bed, or do a bit more of reading and writing. And as I've always said, baking is creating beautiful things that will bring a smile to people's faces. Also cooking, which I like a lot, too; and art.

I'm currently studying in the US, but I'm from Taiwan. I wasn't born in Taiwan, but now being in the States I'm starting to realize how Taiwan is in me, after having lived in Taiwan for 20 years, I don't realize how much Taiwan is a part of me until I am no longer in the country. But that's how things work, it's almost like, you have to loose it to know that you had it...just a little bit though, because I have not lost Taiwan.

I love Taiwan so much that on Double Tenth Day, or Taiwan's National Day, I made these Taiwan flag cookies.

I'm starting a blog because I want to write. I'm pretty much photo journaling with the pictures I take, I think I take pictures with my phone every single day (which by the way, takes great pictures, and all the pics you see are taken with my iPhone...the reason I'm still with the iPhone is because of the great camera). Since I take so many pictures, and I have these little post its all over my table and notes in my phone, it's probably a great idea to have a blog and have everything together in an organized fashion. And also, I'd love to share what I'm up to with friends and family, or anyone anywhere in the world who is interested. 

On a fine summer's day I moved my working space out in the sun...but I wasn't quite efficient.

My general philosophy and current situation is that I'm a grad student, I can pretty much support myself with my TA salary (and I'm so glad for that), it's not a lot of money, but I think with a bit of thought and heart, I live quite comfortably. Even though my university isn't located in a big city, I still like to dress up once in a while, and feel pretty and confident and girly.  

What you can expect from this blog: 
1. Posts about baking/cooking: cooking for one person, cooking with a budget, fast and easy cooking, random cooking creations, baking. I'm not real good at cooking and baking but I really like to do it.
2. Posts on intercultural/cross-cultural topics: as mentioned, I'm studying in the States for the first time ever, there are some interesting observations and thoughts.
3. Posts on being girly: fashion and makeup for the grad student, I had to stress the grad student because completing my studies is my first priority.
4. Random rambles that could a combination of all of the above, about the weather, about shoes, about working out, about buying books...could be anything

That's what I think I'll write about, but who knows what this blog will evolve into...let's find out. It's the start of my second semester of my first year in my masters, hopefully this blog grows with me as I become a more skilled TA, researcher, cook, baker, painter, career woman and so on.

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